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Research Articles

  • Topological Quantization of Free Massive Bosonic Fields
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/jgsp-26-2012-1-12
    Gustavo Arciniega, Francisco Nettel, Leonardo Patino and Hernando Quevedo

  • Some Applications of the Lorentzian Holonomy Algebras
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/jgsp-26-2012-13-31
    Anton Galaev

  • Some Strange Features of the Galilei Group
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/jgsp-26-2012-33-59
    Barbara Gołubowska, Vasyl Kovalchuk, Agnieszka Martens, Ewa Eliza Rozko and Jan J. Sławianowski

  • A Better Calculus of Moving Surfaces
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/jgsp-26-2012-61-69
    Pavel Grinfeld

  • A Lorentzian Surface in a Four-dimensional Manifold of Neutral Signature and Its Reflector Lift
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/jgsp-26-2012-71-83
    Kazuyuki Hasegawa

  • Vortex Patterns Beyond Hypergeometric
    [Abstract][Math Rev][ZB Review] doi:10.7546/jgsp-26-2012-85-103
    Andrei Ludu

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