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EULER Data Provider Fact Sheet

Data Provider: Universita degli Studi di Firenze
Description: The University of Florence database contains references to the Mathematical and Computer Science literature from the University of Florence Libraries Union Catalogue [OPAC] . Currently the database contains: printed and multimedia resources.
Coverage: all fields of mathematics and theoretical computer science
Number of Records: variable test set
Date Coverage: variable
Update Frequency: variable
Main Language: English
Special: DDC is the classification scheme used in this database (only the 40% of records have DDC)
DocDel User Groups: internal users and libraries
DocDel Rates: see price list (italian)
DocDel Types: articles, monographs, reports
DocDel Additions: ILL & DD at the University of Florence (italian)
Terms and Conditions: he Database is copyrighted by the University of Florence and available in EULER.


©2001, 2002 EULER Consortium
Supported by the IST Programme of the European Community: Project EULER-TAKEUP (IST-2000-29445)