European Libraries and Electronic Resources
in Mathematical Sciences

Project Description



The aim of the project is to provide strictly user-oriented, integrated network based access to mathematical publications. The EULER service intends to offer a "one-stop shopping site" for users interested in Mathematics. Therefore, an integration of all types of relevant resources is necessary:
will be made interoperable by the use of common Dublin Core based Metadata descriptions. A common user interface - the EULER Engine - will assist the user in searching for relevant topics in different sources in a single effort.
The EULER system will be designed as an open, scaleable and extensible information system.

Library users and librarians from mathematics in research, education, and industry will actively participate. EULER is an initiative of the European Mathematical Society, and especially focuses on real user needs.

Standard, widely used and non-proprietary technologies such as HTTP, SR/Z39.50, and Dublin Core will be used. Common resource descriptions of document-like objects will enable interoperability of heterogeneous resources.

EULER will develop the prototype of new electronic information services. Most relevant information of one subject area are integrated (one-stop-shopping). EULER results will be portable to other subject domains.

Users will be enabled to make effective use of the mathematical library-related information resources offered with a single user interface. Time-consuming tasks associated with the use of non-integrated services will be eliminated. The user will be enabled to search for and localise relevant documents. In many cases he will be able to retrieve the full text electronically.